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  • Oxytrans M : Portable Oxygen Measuring Unit (for high accuracy measurements from 1 ppb)

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    Oxytrans M
    Portable Oxygen Measuring Unit (for high accuracy measurements from 1 ppb)

    Brand: Centec


    The mobile Oinstrument Oxytrans M measures continuously and exactly the content of oxygen in liquids and gases. The sensor is especially designed for breweries and further applications with high requirements, e.g. power plants or bioreactors.

    The optical principle of measurement is based on the effect of dynamic luminescence quenching by molecular oxygen. The indicator layer on the glass installed in the measuring head is illuminated with a blue-green-light. With this, the indicator molecules are transferred into an excited state and emit a red light and detected by the internal detector.
    If oxygen is in the medium, this luminescence effect is prevented by energy transfer to the oxygen molecule. After the collision with the indicator molecule the oxygen molecule is transferred from its ground state (triplet state) to its excited singlet state.
    As a result, the indicator molecule does not emit luminescence and the measurable luminescence signal decreases linear to existing oxygen concentration. This decrease is the basis for the oxygen calculation. The Oconcentration can be displayed in different units such as ppb, ppm, %oxygen, etc.

    Measuring range (liquid phase) I) 1 ppb – 2 ppm
    II) 30 ppb – 50 ppm
    Accuracy (liquid phase) I) ± 1 ppb
    II) ± 30 ppb
    Temperature range Measurement: -5°C – +55°C (+23°F – +131°F)
    Resistance: max. 130 °C (max. 266 °F)
    Datalogging manual and automatic with selectable interval of 5-600 secs; approx. 5.000 measurement values;