TSS & CCTV online monitoring

We are PUB’s recommended supplier for Total Suspended Solids (TSS) & CCTV monitoring systems for construction sites in Singapore. Our systems allow contractors to monitor their water discharge to the public drains so as to adhere to PUB’s guidelines on Earth Control Measures (ECM).

The system consists of 2 main components:

1. TSS (Total Suspended Solids) online monitoring:

Vector-Smart Object

  • Installed at the ECM water treatment plant
  • Measures the amount of TSS in the treated water
  • Readings can be viewed online or from the on-site display
  • Sends SMS to designated mobile numbers to alert contractor when TSS exceeds the limit
  • Generates reports for submission to relevant parties

2. CCTV monitoring:


  • Installed at the discharge point leading to the public drain
  • Day & Night colour vision
  • Real-time footage can be viewed online via smartphone and PC
  • Alerts contractor when CCTV system is down
  • Backup power supply to ensure continuous operation
  • Optional solar power add-on for remote applications or for adopting clean and green practices