Preventive Maintenance for Water Analysers
Regular maintenance is essential for the long-lasting performance of any equipment used in water analysis. Be they laboratory meters or online analysers, we’ll be happy to help you maintain in tiptop condition for your water analytical needs.

Azhar servicing

Your equipment will be well taken care of by seasoned hands – since day one (1987) we’ve been servicing customers with critical processes such as those in power generation, semiconductor fabs, and water treatment, among many others.
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Depending on the type of instrument and the user’s need for accuracy, we recommend that you have your equipment calibrated at least once a year. Regular calibration ensures that your measurements are consistently reliable, so you’ll always enjoy peace of mind in your work.
We provide calibration services for the following:

Water Analysers
Our in-house team of service technicians are manufacturer-certified, therefore you can be assured that your water analysing equipment are calibrated with utmost proficiency.

Measurement equipment
We help to get your temperature & humidity data loggers or thermometers calibrated by an ISO-certified lab, or if you prefer, by the manufacturer themselves.

Technical Support
We believe in supplying only high quality, reliable products. If your equipment is not performing up to expectations, or if you simply need advice on operating it, our dedicated team of staff will be ready to assist you. If the issue can’t be resolved over the phone or emails, we kindly request that you send your equipment to us for inspection. If this is not possible, we’ll have someone down at your site as soon as we can to assess the situation.