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  • Neon® EC : Conductivity analyser

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    Continuous and real-time monitoring of Conductivity

    Neon® EC
    Conductivity analyser

    Brand: Kuntze Instruments

    • Conductivity measurement
      • Conductive and toroidal (inductive), TDS
      • Unit: µS/cm, mS/cm, MOhm x cm, ppm (TDS)
      • Connection of 2- and 4-pole conductivity cells
      • Temperature measurement Pt100/Pt 1000, NTC (inductive)
      • Temperature compensation: linear and ultra-pure water
    • Applications
      • Process Water
      • Disinfection
      • Drinking Water
      • F&B
      • Cooling Water
      • Wastewater Treatment
      • Pool & Spa

    Neon® is a leading edge measuring and control instrument. Its range of functions can be tailored according to your applications.

    The entry level version contains inputs for measurements and temperature, one digital input and an alarm relay. Various add-ons are available to expand the functionality as well as wall mounted or panel mounted housing.

    Neon‘s® water measurement process can be controlled at any time, from any place, on any device via Kuntze‘s Cloud Connect® service. All Kuntze products are made in Germany.