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  • inoLab Multi 9630 IDS : Multi-parameter digital benchtop meter

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    3-channel measurement of pH/ORP, Conductivity/TDS/Salinity, DO, Turbidity

    inoLab Multi 9630 IDS
    Multi-parameter digital benchtop meter

    Brand: WTW

    *Other versions available: inoLab Multi 9620 IDS (2-channel) and inoLab Multi 9310 IDS (1-channel)

    • 3 channels – simultaneous measurement of any 3 of the following:
      • pH/ORP
      • Conductivity/TDS/Salinity
      • Dissolved Oxygen
      • Turbidity
    • Choose between wireless or normal cable probes
    • Digital measurement
    • Stores up to 10,000 data sets
    • USB interface for data transfer to PC
    • Anti-bacterial keypad
    inoLab® Multi 9310 IDS inoLab® Multi 9620 IDS inoLab® Multi 9630 IDS
    Parameters pH, mV, D.O.(saturation, concentration, partial pressure, BOD), conductivity (specific resistance, salinity, TDS), temperature, turbidity
    Sensor channels 1 universal channel 2 universal channels 3 universal channels
    Analog pH/ORP sensors ADA S7/IDS (optional) ADA 94 pH/IDS (optional)
    Temperature compensation all except ORP all except ORP
    Memory manual: 500 data sets
    automatic: 4,500 data sets
    manual: 500 data sets
    automatic: 10,000 data sets
    Logger Yes Yes
    Interface Mini USB-B USB-A, Mini USB-B
    GLP/AQS support Yes Yes
    Display black and white graphic display color graphic display
    Optional printer Yes External
    Power supply universal power supply, batteries (4 x 1.5 V AA type) universal power supply

    Digital pH electrodes

    IDS ORP electrodes Digital ORP electrodes

    IDS DO sensor Digital Dissolved Oxygen sensor

    IDS Conductivity cells Digital Conductivity cells

    IDS Turbidity sensor Digital Turbidity sensor