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    for safe & compact storage of hydrogen

    MHS 200/400/800
    Metal Hydride Storage Canisters

    Brand: Heliocentris


    The metal hydride storage canisters from Heliocentris allow safe and compact storage of large amounts of hydrogen at low pressures. These canisters are particularly useful for systems with limited space.

    The canisters use an AB2 metal alloy on a manganese-titanium lattice, allowing the efficient storage of hydrogen at low temperatures. The hydrogen is bound to the metal alloy, creating a much higher storage capacity compared to compressed gas cylinders. The canisters are available in three standard sizes of storage capacities: 200, 400, and 800 NL hydrogen.

    Compact Storage – the metal hydrides have a large volumetric storage capacity, i.e. large quantities of hydrogen can be stored in a very compact form

    Flexibility and Versatility of Use – canisters have different storage capacities (200, 400, 800 NL); can be connected in parallel or in series to create customized systems

    Easy Integration – designed for moderate operating temperatures; can be operated at room temperature without thermalization

    Safe Use – can be safely and easily filled at a pressure of 10 bar; integrated quick coupling allows for an easy and safe connection and disconnection

    Durability – can be refilled as often as required, only losing storage capacity when using low hydrogen purity *.

    Wide Application Range – easy to use and refill from different sources of hydrogen, hence suitable for a wide range of applications

    *recommended H2 purity min. 5.0