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    Solar Water Heater Kit

    Brand: EcoStyle

    EcoStyle’s Solar Water Heater Kit is a working model of a real solar water heating panel. It shows how the sun’s power can be harnessed to heat water, and allows the user to fully interact in a hands-on way.

    The Solar Water Heater Kit is assembled in seconds and is easy to use, making it suitable for both children and adults. It is designed for use in schools, colleges and universities, or as a demonstration model to promote solar water heating within industry.

    Experience the power of the sun – both indoors and out
    Use the solar water heater outdoors in the sun, or indoors with a lamp. The solar panel will heat water even on cloudy days, and will be particularly effective in bright, sunny conditions.

    Harness the sun’s energy to heat water
    Fill the solar water heating panel with cold water and watch the water temperature increase as the sun heats the panel. Both the water temperature and external air temperature are displayed on the digital thermometer. Measure maximum and minimum temperature using the recording function and programmable alarm.

    Tidy and secure
    The integral storage case helps keep all components organised and protected with a latched hinged lid.

    Built to last
    EcoStyle products are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom to the highest quality standards.
    The Solar Water Heater Kit is designed to be durable and provide many years of reliable service.
    All of our products are supported by our twelve-month warranty against manufacturing defects, and we offer a range of spare parts.


    • Black solar heating panel
    • Copper heating tube with two rubber stoppers
    • Digital thermometer with remote probe, max/min function, programmable temperature alarm
    • 3V lithium battery
    • Foam insulating block
    • Operating and assembly instructions
    • Two-part insulating/storage case