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    convenient operation via controller

    OxiTop Control
    BOD measurement system

    For measurement of BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand)

    Brand: WTW

    • Convenient operation via controller
    • Suitable for large sample volumes – up to 100 parallel samples
    • Time-saving and error-free with automatic statistical evaluation
    • Simple allocation by automatic sample ID

    Complete package for 6 or 12 measuring points
    The OxiTop Control comes with a practical controller, the OC 100, which has an infrared interface and software-controlled functions. You can start, manage, save and track 100 measuring heads at the same time on a large display. The data can be transferred to the PC for evaluation via the cable AK-540/B and the communications program Achat OC.

    Check data during sampling
    The data can be called up at any time, even during sampling, thus enabling checking of the samples for errors. The display of the progress curve allows immediate detection of irregularities and interferences, such as a BOD value set too high for the volume used, or undesired nitrification. Corrections can therefore be made at an early stage.

    OC 100 controller
    Measuring range 0 to 4000 mg/l
    Data sets (depending on measuring interval) 180 to 360 data sets per head
    Measuring interval 0.5 h to 99 days
    OxiTop®-C Measuring Head
    Pressure range 500 to 1350 hPa
    Accuracy ±1 % v. Mw. ± 1hPa

    Incubator – OxiTop® Box

    OxiTop Box


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