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    Nexa Training System
    1.2 kW Fuel Cell Training System

    Brand: Heliocentris

    State-of-the-art laboratory equipment for experimental setups sporting a fully integrated industrial fuel cell module. It focuses on electrical system design and hybridization.
    The system helps learners to prepare for the practical application of fuel cell technology.

    The Nexa® Training system conveys advanced know-how in the dimensioning and hybridization of fuel cell energy systems and can also be used as a power system for research.

    Students can design and simulate fuel cell energy systems towards specific load profiles on the basis of the system’s industrial components. Fuel Cell module, hydrogen storage, battery and power electronics can be examined and influenced separately. Data acquisition and system configuration are conveniently executed via computer. Users learn about load profiles, efficiencies and design criteria, making them experts in system dimensioning.

    Researchers can use the system to examine detailed system performance and various set-ups:

    • Hybrid Electric Vehicle Power Supply
    • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
    • Autonomous Power Supply
    • Portable Power Supply

    The LabView-based software of the Nexa® Training System enables the control of the overall system as well as the supported execution of experiments.
    Data is displayed in a clear layout on system and component levels and can be modified as desired. Measurements can be recorded and exported for further processing at any time.

    System overview:

    • Flow chart of the overall system
    • Power display of individual modules

    Efficiency Analysis:

    • Overall system output balancing
    • Visualization of the system efficiency chain – Sankey diagram

    Time Curve:

    • Graphic visualization of the component parameters and measurements
    • Freely configurable measurements
    • Visualization of characteristic curves


    • Selection of manual and automated experiments
    • Graphic and tabular visualization of the measurements
    • Data storage for test evaluation

    Fuel Cell:

    • Visualization of system data
    • Visualization of hydrogen consumption


    • Configuration and measurement display of the DC converter
    • Graphic visualization of the battery charging characteristics

    The Nexa® Training System has a modular design. The fuel cell module, hydrogen storage system, battery and power electronics can be examined or influenced either individually or combined.

    Control and Experimentation Platform Command:

    • Configuration of the system
    • Execution of experiments
    • Visualization and recording of measurements

    System Monitor:

    • Control in stand-alone operation
    • Display of system parameters

    Electronic Load:

    • Simulation of electrical consumers
    • Operating modes: constant current, power, resistance, voltage
    • Manual or software-supported control

    Battery Module:

    • Selection of the battery capacity
    • Switching between battery types
    • Monitoring of the battery temperature

    Power Electronics Module:

    • Comprises power electronics and sensor system
    • Configuration of the battery charging regulation
    • Preparation of regulated DC or AC voltage

    Fuel Cell Module:

    • Industrial 1.2 kW fuel cell system
    • Supply of the system with unregulated direct current
    • Hydrogen consumption measurement

    H2 Storage Module:

    • Hydrogen storage for operation in any location
    • Safe low-pressure metal hydride canisters
    • Monitoring of the storage temperature