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    produces up to 100 normal litres of hydrogen per hr

    HG 100
    Hydrogen Generator

    Brand: Heliocentris


    The Heliocentris HG100 Hydrogen Generator is a safe, laboratory ready system that produces up to 100 Nl of hydrogen per hour at a maximum output pressure of 10 bar.

    Robust construction and user friendly design make the HG100 an ideal replacement of high pressure hydrogen cylinders. It is ideal for charging metal hydride storage cylinders and producing hydrogen for industrial fuel cell systems.

    The HG100 requires very little maintenance as it has been designed to support the needs of research labs, universities and institutes that require high purity hydrogen.

    The HG100 produces clean, dry and directly compressed hydrogen through a patented electrolytic process. This electrolytic process is based on an innovative alkaline solid polymeric membrane technology that combines the benefits of PEM electrolysis with the benefits of alkaline electrolysis.

    • Output pressure up to 10bar
    • Hydrogen purity 99.999% (5.0)
    • Integrated water tank with level indication
    • Touch Screen with system status
    • Automatic pressure release during shut down
    • Low-Water level control and alert
    • Developed according to latest industrial standards
    • Includes a LAN Connector (RJ45)
    • Allows for integration into a laboratory emergency shutoff system
    • Display of all relevant system data
    • Read-out of system status via Modbus
    • Software allows for: changing settings, system status, pressure level data, stop/start functions, advanced level settings and data acquisition